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About Us

Mpharma Co Ltd is an innovative sourcing & distribution company, involved in both exclusive representation and global supply of a wide range of quality Medical services.
Besides for our core pharmaceutical business in Juba\ Republic of South Sudan, we are an integrated supplier with strong presence across the entire value chain from key Pharma to medical services.
Utilizing over 2 years of experience and success in the area of supply (Pharmaceuticals),    Mpharma has created a customized and unique project management team, designed to fulfill our customers' requirements with the highest quality products according to client timelines, specifications and regulatory requirements.
Our new Management_Team is composed of highly trained sales personnel, scientists and market researchers, who work closely with our   clients supplier companies to successfully, develop products from the earliest conception stage up till product commercialization.

  • We are an DFCA/RSS/J/LB/012  certified company, specializing in distribution of pharmaceutical products and delivered high quality healthcare services expert regulatory support for the widest range of the rarest and newest molecules supplied and regulated by leading authorities such as Government Institution (MOH), International & National Organizations See_clients   etc..


  • To retain & maintain medicines delivery system through products that  motivates and bind ties between cost & Quality.
  • To provide high Quality & Guaranteed healthcare Services. 
  • To Provide Good financial & statistic management. 

To provide Quality Guaranteed Medicines & Medical Services to our entire Citizen.

Goals & Objectives:

To provide high Quality Medical Services  
To provide quality & affordable medicines  
To demonstrate Good Financial & statistics Management  

Plans & Policies:

1. Provisional of Quality Medicals & Pharmaceuticals Services
2. Management
We have medical management section which will provide well experienced & skillful Medical staff.
3. We will provide effective & efficient Referral services inside & outside the country due to our customers demand,  or Organize consultancy visits  to the sites by engaging our national consultants  in services delivery (Hospitals )

4. Pharmaceutical management, Public Health & Environmental management support.
5. Referral system management for further diagnostic evaluation treatment, MPHARMA has a well-organized referral system inside & outside the country.


MPharma Address

Juba – Republic of South Sudan
Tel: +211 956 556 677 / +211 973 000 007